ART BOSS fORMULA LIVE bOOTCAMP: Presented by Karen Ahuja 
The art boss formula bootcamp is coming!


✅ Take your 👍 and ❤️s and turn them into $$$ 
✅ Make a HUGE impact on the Art World! 
✅ Create Consistent Monthly Revenue
✅ Take Back! your time so that you can spend more time in your art studio.
July 5 - 9th, 2021
Everyday at 12:00pm (CST)
The TEXT REMINDER service is optional.  Text reminders will be send 15 minutes before the LIVE training is about to start.  If you would like to be on the reminder list, simply provide your phone number.  If you would like to stop receiving text messages, you can text "STOP" at any time and you will immediately block any messages from the Art Boss Formula. 
3 ways thE ART BOSS FORMULA bootcamp will POSITIVELY impact your art business forever:
changer #1
The Online market does not play favorites or 
ask us to jump 
through hoops 

 Take back your freedom  to pursue your artistic calling. Creating consistent monthly revenue by selling 
artwork online is for all artists. 
Changer #2
The Art Boss Formula 
is specifically created 
to simplify the process 
of selling artwork ONLINE.

I have CREATED a framework for selling your artwork online  
so that your buyers become lifetime customers 
 Changer #3
to do what you 
each and every day!" 

Make a HUGE impact on the world and create your path to positive social change by selling your artwork online.

Karen Ahuja
Online Selling Expert 
My art business exploded when leaned into the online market.  I sell out my art inventory in one weekend when I figured out how to create offers that convert + grow an audience that actually wants to buy my art.    

Until I embraced the ONLINE MARKET, I was giving away the control over my art sales to gallery owners and art show events who didn't market their events.  TAKE BACK YOUR CONTROL OVER SELLING YOUR ART! 

Build your high converting sales funnle so that you can create consistent monthly income.  Keep your customers in your sales funnels so you can nurture them and provide them with exactly the artwork they always wanted.  

I've helped thousands of art entrepreneurs create their own selling machines! Create your consistent monthly online income stream that not only pays the bills but builds an art empire.

Sarah Hagopian

In my first launch, I made more money than all last year selling on Etsy.

George Wallace

  It has just been a short few weeks since my art boss experience. I was at a loss when I was unable to continue with your program. I dug in to what you taught, and it has been the most powerful business training I have received in my 30 years of experience. I don't think I can stress enough how much your program changed my life. I literally have messages every morning from people begging to get at my work. I have sold more in the past week than I did in the last year. If there is ever a way I can help promote you and your program, I want to give back. You should really be part of the college program for artists. Colleges are really out of date with their market training. Power on!

Susan Card

Art Boss Formula you are an answer to prayer! I desperately needed someone who knew how engaging and selling on FaceBook worked to grow beyond my lovely friends and family! I am taking Art Boss Academy right now and have already had growth and sales after the free training and first week! You have been there and done it and I look forward to learning so much more. Thank you!

Mistie Lain

“I am a professional website designer and graphic artist so art licensing is a game changer for me. I can continue to work full time and gain income from my art-making too!

Lillian Neal

“I have learned more in 5 days for FREE than I have learned in paid courses.  The formula is exactly what I need!

Julie Hamel

“I am in the Academy and had a commission order in the first month and I've never sold a painting before this!  So much great information!  
Disclaimer - This bootcamp is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to growing your online art business. Easy sales are not promised In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the Challenge, a program will be offered for purchase.
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